Saturday, April 6, 2013

E100 Challnge devotions

E100 Bible Challenge!

Hello St. Luke & St. Peters friends,

If you are reading this you have chosen to take the E100 Challenge through Scripture Union and read the breadth of the Bible in 100 days. This is a program of Bible reading that is intended to give you a broad understanding of the Bible, it's important themes and events.

You have also decided to take the extra step to see what your pastor might be thinking about in regards to the bible passages we are reading together. For this I thank you and pray that my comments on our readings will be both helpful and illuminating. It is my intention to offer devotions on three or four times of our readings each week.

I invite you not to just read this blog but to comment on them in the comment section with your own thoughts on the readings we are sharing in reading together.

May God bless you in your Bible reading over the next 100 days.

In Christ,

Fr. Rob+

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